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Your Family, Your Life

In today's economy it is more necessary than ever to have a financial plan, yet it is always a good idea to have an understanding of money, banking and your financial future. We at First Citizens State Bank would like to be as helpful as we possibly can in assisting you and your family with these sometimes confusing matters. Our educated and trained staff have the knowledge and expertise to offer you the best possible options for all of your banking needs.

We are currently expanding this section of our website to provide an wide array of tools to assist in financial matters. We plan to have a variety of calculators, tools, budgeting information and worksheets to assist in the planning of your family's financial future.

Kids Count!

One of the many challenges that parents are faced with regardless of their children's age is when and how to educate them about money. First Citizens State Bank offers a variety of tools to begin the exploration of money, savings and banking with your children.

Please take some time to navigate this area of our website and utilize some of these tips, worksheets, links and activities in your home, school, etc. to help your children be on top of their game as they learn about how money and banking affect their lives.

Teaching Tips

  • Focus on the positive effects rather than negative issues.
  • Praise and advise on habits instead of dictating what to do or criticizing mistakes.
  • Learning from mistakes is just as important as learning from positive outcomes.
  • Share with your children that you as parents save for things as well.
  • Demonstrate the consequences of both the good and the bad situations.
  • Children learn a significant amount by observation, consider this when making decisions both at home and at the store.
  • Allowances are not a requirement of childhood, children can learn these skills without receiving an allowance.
  • Five main concentration points:
    • Earning: Financially Independent, Work Habits & Needs...
    • Spending: Recordkeeping, Cost-Saving Alternatives, Price Shopping, Responsible Decision-making...
    • Saving: Planning for Purchases, Separate Needs from Wants, Future Planning...
    • Borrowing: Buy Now & Pay Later, Credit & Limits, Need to Pay Back, Interest...
    • Sharing: Charitable Giving, Helping Others, Taxes...