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Business Lending

First Citizens State Bank provides a wide variety of lending options for your business needs. We realize the uniqueness of each business and take pride in working closely with you to determine the best options available to you. Our experienced commercial lenders will be there to guide and assist you with your lending requirements each and every step of the way.


Business Lending

First Citizens State Bank has a team of highly experienced Commercial Lenders that bring a depth of knowledge to your business’ credit needs. We provide more than just credit as we can assist in recommending the best credit solution for your business.

  • We are an approved Small Business Administration (SBA) lender and are actively involved with SBA programs that can provide excellent lending programs. SBA lending options may also be another avenue in supplementing any conventional lending sources ie: Lines of Credit, Term Loans, Veterans Loans etc.
  • We also work well with local community loan programs from the city and county, that can often times provide subordinated down payment funding, as well as equity and grant funding.
  • Our lending programs don’t stop there, we also have several options available to the owner/investor of rental property. Our competitive interest rates and flexible debt structuring can make owning investment and rental property a great opportunity.
  • We pride ourselves in quick response time with decisions made locally.
  • Please feel free to contact a lending professional at any of our locations for additional information.

Operating Loans

We provide operating lines of credit to provide company liquidity for seasonal fluctuations as well as providing funds to assist in the growth of the company. These lines of credit can float up and down during the year to provide good cash flow management. Contact one of our experienced lenders today to talk about your businesses operating needs!

Real Estate Loans

We are a very active real estate lender. We make mortgage loans on a wide array of property ie. Farm, Commercial, Industrial, Residential etc. We assist in structuring mortgage loan debt to best match the company’s cash flow. Speak with one of our experienced lenders about a potential purchase or refinance today.

Capital and Equipment Improvement Loans

We make capital improvement loans for a variety of purposes. It may be for purchases such as new or updated equipment, new or updated vehicles, updating or adding new technology equipment, or expanding a truck or trailer fleet. We also fund building renovations. These loans generally lead to a company’s growth and enhanced profitability. If you’d like more information on a capital improvement loan, contact us today!


The ability to expand ones business through acquisition can be an important growth opportunity for a company. We do provide acquisition financing as well as assistance in structuring the financing to make the acquisition as smooth and affordable as possible.

Small Business Administration (SBA) Guaranteed Loans

We have assisted many customers by utilizing the variety of SBA programs available to provide more flexible loan terms versus conventional financing. SBA programs may allow for longer amortization schedules and possibly lower down payments. These loans often supplement conventional lending. To find out more information about the SBA programs, contact us today!

Business Credit Cards

We provide a selection of Business Credit Card options. Company credit cards provide the company and designated employees with spending authority that can be customized to each employee card holder. Additionally each monthly statement provides a detail of spending by employee as well as categories of spending for good cost control and audit. Our newest cards offer great benefits including but not limited to: travel accident insurance, emergency card & cash service, and zero liability fraud protection. If you are looking for the simplicity and convenience of a traditional credit card with generous credit lines, then a Visa Business card is the card for you. Perhaps you prefer exceptional rewards, unlimited 1% cash back, access to exclusive privileges and personal concierge services, then the Visa Business Travel or Rewards cards may just be what you’re looking for.

Regardless of what features and needs you have in a credit card, First Citizens State Bank can find the perfect fit for you. Feel free to stop in and talk to one of our specialists or apply online using the link below.

Apply Online

First Citizens proudly offers Visa Credit Cards.

Lost or Stolen Card

If any of your cards, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, ATM Cards, etc. are lost or stolen, please contact the respective numbers below. If you are unsure of who to contact, please do not hesitate to contact a customer service representative at one of our locations.

Debit Cards & ATM Cards (800) 472-3272
Business Credit Cards (866) 552-8855

Business Reserve Loan/Line

We can set up a Business Reserve Line of Credit that will allow the business the ability to write their own loans under this Line of Credit. Connected to the businesses checking account, this line provides the company with maximum flexibility in managing their borrowing with the ability to pay down and re-advance at the company’s discretion.

Investment Properties

These loans are for the purchase or refinance of investment or rental property. We offer competitive interest rates and flexible structuring. Just call one of our loan officers for details on a streamlined application process for these loans.


We like new Construction Loans as it really creates new value in the community. We have very flexible lending requirements to match the construction loan with the term of construction. One feature we offer that many builders and home owners really appreciate is the process we use for making the construction loan disbursements. Most of our construction loan disbursements are done right at the bank so that the builder or home owner is not required to travel to a remote title company each time a draw is requested. This generally streamlines the construction disbursement process.

Fixed Rate

Our bank is an approved seller and servicer for Freddie Mac loans. This allows us the advantage of being able to not only approve your loan request on a local basis, but also the ability to lock in a fixed rate for the term of the mortgage. Fixed Rates can be obtained for up to a 30 year amortization schedule.

Another benefit we provide as an approved Freddie Mac seller and servicer is that we handle the servicing of your loan locally. Our policy has been to retain the servicing of your loan so that it is not sold to other lenders that you may not know.


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